At Table, we celebrate purity of flavours, seasonality and a sense of place in our food - and wine selection. Explore our shortlisted, seasonal wine selection - designed to elevate your enjoyment of Sandy's food.

Standard Corkage

Our Standard Corkage is $300/bottle (750ml wine or equivalent) or if you buy a bottle, we shall waive a bottle’s corkage. Glass Services may applied in some case if corkage is waived. Please inquire with us for details.

Disclaimer About External Beverage

We will not be responsible and disclaim all liabilities for any beverage brought to our restaurant by the guests (not purchased from us) regardless of whether corkage is paid on not. By requesting us to open and serve wine or other beverage that guests brought from the outside, the guests agree to hold us harmless and waive all rights to claim us on any damages that may or may not be caused by us.

Reserved Wine







wine by glass

Served in 150ml








Gin & vodka

(Served in 50ml pour)