Creative Refined Hong Kong Cuisine


A decade ago when our owner chef, Sandy Keung, began her chef's journey, geography was not of concern. The goal was simply to cook food that she loves and to create a place where people connect and share experiences. Dishes created are purely reflective of her unique cultural background and authentic to her personal experiences as a typhical Hong Konger.
十年前,當我們的主廚 Sandy Keung 開始她的廚師生涯時,國家或地理料理並不是考慮因素。目標只是烹飪她喜愛的食物菜餚,並創造一個人們交流和分享經驗的地方。十年來所創作的菜餚完全反映了她獨特的文化背景,並真實地反映了她作為典型香港人的個人經歷。



夏天屬火,對應的五臟六腑是心臟,加上氣候炎熱,汗液外洩。俗話說「汗為心之液」,夏季要避免大量出汗,使精神及體力下降更感疲勞,多補充水分非常重要。夏天可多吃麥冬、赤小豆、竹葉、苦瓜、黃瓜、西瓜等食物,均有助清心火、清熱安神。此外中醫有論不同顏色的食物分別對不同的臟腑器官有所補益,食材的青、紅、黃、白、黑五種顏色對應到人體的肝、心、脾、肺、腎。 紅色食物有助養心護心,並有助體內生血、活血,因此番茄、紅蘿蔔、枸杞、紅棗、紅豆等紅色食物可以多吃。

Summer Cuisine

"Arrival of Summer" is the first solar term in summer season. This is the season when the weather becomes hot and humid. As the temperature rises, Yang Qi (energy) also rises. The human body will consume more energy, and the work load of the heart will increase as well. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that during summer season, it is most important to nourish the spleen and nourish the heart.
Summer corresponds with fire in the five elements term, and the corresponding body parts are the heart and spleen. As the weather gets hotter, we tend to sweat more. TCM believes "sweat is the fluid of the heart". In summer, it is very important to avoid excessive sweating as it causes weakening physical and mental strength, and tiredness. It is very important to replenish body fluid by drinking more water. In summer, you can eat more food heat clearing and cooling food such as red beans, bamboo leaves, bitter gourd, cucumber, squashes, watermelon, etc. TCM also believes that different color of food: green, red, yellow, white, and black, correspond to different internal organs: the liver, heart, face, lungs, and kidney. One should eat more red foods such as carrots, jujubes, red dates, and red beans in the summer.



[HK$1,328/pax, minimum 4pax]

  • Amuse Bouche
  • --
  • Depurated Oyster, Beef Consomme Gelee
  • --
  • Hokkaio Uni, 36-Hour US Prime Beef Short Ribs
    • Sancho, Beef Jus
  • --
  • Australian Beef Brisket & Tendon Dumplings
    • Coffee Aioli
  • --
  • Korean 1++ Ribeye
  • --
  • French Onglet Tataki
  • --
  • Shangdong "Wagyu" Beef [+$180/pax]
    • Soy-cured Sanchou, Parsnip, Garlic
  • --
  • Txogitxu Txuleton Steak (Basque Bone In Ribeye)
    • Traditional Bone In Ribeye from Basque infamous butcher, Imano Jaca. Imano sources the best old, fat, grass fed cow from all over Europe of at least 12 years old. It is recommended to enjoy this exquisite steak at rare to most medium rare.
  • --
  • Dessert

(10% Service Charge applies)


Conscious, Ingredient Based Cuisine


    • Deeply influenced by the Chinese holistic concept of ‘harmony between man and nature’, TABLE revives the practice of eating according to seasonality. Seasonal local vegetables and other ingredients are incorporated into the menu according to Traditional Chinese medicine principles and the 24 Solar Terms. The five internal organs are nourished by maintaining the harmony of the five elements within the body to optimise wellbeing. Dishes also aim to showcase beloved local flavours using Western cooking techniques with ingredients from Hong Kong and around the world to create a ‘Conscious, Ingredient Based Cuisine’ that is uniquely Hong Kong and uniquely ‘Sandy’.