Creative Refined Hong Kong Cuisine


A decade ago when our owner chef, Sandy Keung, began her chef's journey, geography was not of concern. The goal was simply to cook food that she loves and to create a place where people connect and share experiences. Dishes created are purely reflective of her unique cultural background and authentic to her personal experiences as a typhical Hong Konger.
十年前,當我們的主廚 Sandy Keung 開始她的廚師生涯時,國家或地理料理並不是考慮因素。目標只是烹飪她喜愛的食物菜餚,並創造一個人們交流和分享經驗的地方。十年來所創作的菜餚完全反映了她獨特的文化背景,並真實地反映了她作為典型香港人的個人經歷。


Autumn Cuisine

Autumn signifies the end of Summer.  Weather changes from humid and hot slowly to cold and dry.  TCM principles believe that it is important to nourish one's lungs during Autumn season.  Following traditions, we should eat shoot in Spring, squashes in Summer, fruits and leaves in Autumn and finally roots in Winter.  The best seasonal food to eat during Autumn are lung nourishing fruits such as pears, peaches, apples, etc., neutral meat and white colored food.  Chinese almonds, honey, lotus seeds are great for nourishing the lungs and suppressing coughs. Food with sour flavor is also good for the Autumn.  When we nourish our body in Autumn, it is important to not over heat our lungs and body. Our maintenance of wellbeing should focus on nourishing the “yin” energy and dryness created from the weather; moisturizing the lungs and producing body fluid.


秋天的到來意味著夏天的結束。天氣從濕熱緩慢變為寒冷乾燥。中醫相信立秋養生先養肺。從前民間有說: 春吃芽、夏吃瓜、秋吃果 、冬吃根。二十四節氣立秋起宜「少吃瓜,多吃果」,多吃潤燥的果,如梨、桃、蘋果、蓮霧等、肉、白色食物。南北杏仁、蜂蜜、蓮子是補肺止咳的佳品。飲食宜微酸或甜中帶酸。秋天進補,重在平補,以滋陰清燥、潤肺生津、滋陰潤燥為主。





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Conscious, Ingredient Based Cuisine


    • Deeply influenced by the Chinese holistic concept of ‘harmony between man and nature’, TABLE revives the practice of eating according to seasonality. Seasonal local vegetables and other ingredients are incorporated into the menu according to Traditional Chinese medicine principles and the 24 Solar Terms. The five internal organs are nourished by maintaining the harmony of the five elements within the body to optimise wellbeing. Dishes also aim to showcase beloved local flavours using Western cooking techniques with ingredients from Hong Kong and around the world to create a ‘Conscious, Ingredient Based Cuisine’ that is uniquely Hong Kong and uniquely ‘Sandy’.
    • 深受中國「人以天地之氣生,四時之法成」傳統觀念影響,逐漸意識到香港飲食文化與食材,人和環境之間相輔相成的微妙關係。爲此,TABLE致力唤起「不時不食」的飲食方式。根據中醫原理和二十四節氣,以五行五臟搭配,將香港時令食材融入菜單中,維持體內能量平衡,有助養生。此外,TABLE亦以深受喜愛的香港風味,結合西方烹飪技術,以及本地時令和環球食材,創造出具有Sandy個人和香港特色的「意識」食材料理。